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Dear Rochester

Dear Rochester:

Drop Everything And Read

Gold Award Project
Rebecca M.

My project helped to aid the Joseph Street neighborhood by flooding it with books, and getting kids excited about reading. One major issue is the lack of books geared towards younger children in their homes. I helped to distribute over a thousand school-age books throughout the Joseph Street area, ensuring that they had books appropriate for their reading levels.

I selected this project because I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy books and have access to them at all times. My project was a success, as I met my goal of distributing books to the children and fostering an interest in reading in them. My only major obstacles occurred when planning my project. I was unable to easily locate an adult in the community who was willing to assist me in my endeavor. I was told they were too busy, or I was dismissed and directed to someone else. I even had three meetings with a woman who promised to help me, but then she stopped responding to my emails or phone calls. I had to begin again from scratch. However, I eventually found Maggie Harris and Community Lutheran Ministries, and they were extremely interested in what I had to offer them. I also had difficulty in finding peers to assist with running the program, as everyone is very busy on Saturday afternoons. In order to share my project, I created a website ( The most successful part of my project was the stories and crafts program. Each of the children that attended brought home a few books with them each time, and greatly enjoyed the session while they were there, even arriving early to wait for me. Next time I would attempt to get more help from my peers and classmates.