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Thousand Acre Swamp

The Duck Pond Construction/Revitalization

Gold Award Project

Sara H.

My mother, Lynn, has been volunteering in the Thousand Acre Swamp Nature Preserve for as long as I can remember. In fact, I used to go along with her when she led hikes, causing me to become familiar with the trails, wildlife, and the volunteer committee of the swamp. When the time came to decide upon the subject of my Gold Award Project, I decided that the swamp, always in need of volunteers, was the place to begin. The Duck Pond is located near the entrance of the swamp, and provides a beautiful view of waterfowl, and plant life. However, the trail that led to the pond was muddy, due to a downhill slope, and had never been properly cleared. And so I led and organized volunteers on 4 separate days with these objectives in mind: to clear out the trail, build a viewing platform with a boardwalk to avoid the muddy slope, and establish the trail on the official map of the Thousand Acre Swamp. We were successful, and now the trail is marked by a sign, and safe to traverse so that anyone can enjoy the beauty of the pond no matter the season.

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